How To Find The Best Fleet Insurance

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 23rd September 2014

When you first start looking for fleet insurance (or any other type of insurance for that matter) quotes in the UK, it is very easy to get distracted with the insurance policy itself without even considering who you are getting your fleet insurance from. However this can be a big mistake and lead to many issues further down the line. In our eyes a policy is only as good as the firm providing it.

Top Tips for a Successful Event

Posted by Administrator : Monday 25th March 2013

Plan ahead as early as possible

To get the date you want you need to start planning well in advance. If you have to play around with dates to make sure everyone you want there to come you will need to do this as early on as possible. Same with Corporate events, if you can announce dates a long way off people can usually juggle their schedules to attend.

Choose a Party Planner/Event Company that you feel are listening to you

It is important that what you are trying to achieve is taken on board and not their ego getting in the way. A good organisor will listen to you and give you ideas and suggestions with what you have told them in mind.

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